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AKN Platform Features

Immersive Communication

ARTalk is a dApp built on top of our AKN blockchain communication platform that empowers users to connect across different devices and realities. Whether using a smartphone, PC, or VR/AR headset, ARTalk brings everyone together at the click of a button sharing each user's unique perspective with all.

Powered by WebRTC

Fast, reliable, and quickly becoming the open standard for all forms of communication on the internet, WebRTC provides a robust and rich user experience for dApps. Break free from constricting proprietary protocols, and join the ever growing group of tech companies supporting WebRTC.

A Decentralized Ecosystem

The AKN platform is the first WebRTC based blockchain in the market. With the convergence of these two technologies, we have created a secure, transparent ecosystem where users can come together irrespecitve of local and international barriers.

AKN Platform - ARTALK

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